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Nashville Family Law Mediation

Moving Forward through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family law matters do not have to be tried in a courtroom before a judge, a process which can be lengthy, contentious, emotionally draining, and expensive.

Mediation is an alternative legal process in which the parties employ a mediator – a trained, neutral third party – to assist them in working together to develop solutions that consider their priorities and concerns.

Mediation is often a more amicable, efficient, and less expensive way to resolve disputes.

At Lindsey Amonette Nemer + Glassford, PLLC, we are pleased to assist clients in moving families forward by offering family law mediation services. Kristen B. Amonette is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed family law mediator. As a mediator, Kristen uses her courtroom and family law experience to help clients forge agreements that work for their families.

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“Kristen was an excellent resource in a complicated divorce. After consultation and support from Kristen, a marriage of 20+ years with multiple properties and other assets were divided equally and equitably. I would recommend Kristen to anyone faced with a complicated divide.”
“Kristen helped me navigate a very difficult divorce and bring it to an incredibly speedy and successful resolution. She worked carefully with me to make sure I understood what I could expect, helped me determine what was most important to me, and deliver exactly what I was hoping for. She became more than my attorney through the process, as her caring and follow-through were excellent. I’m hoping not to need her services anymore, but if I do, I know she will be prepared to squelch any drama my ex might attempt.”

“I recently went through a nasty divorce and Kristen helped me feel taken care of and “safe” from a legal standpoint. Friendly, sharp, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter, I would highly recommend her to anyone facing the same hard times. She is also bills extremely fair, which helped ease unnecessary stress during such a difficult time.”