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Nashville Family Law Mediation

Moving Forward through Alternative Dispute Resolution

Family law matters do not have to be tried in a courtroom before a judge,  which can be a lengthy, contentious, emotionally draining, and expensive process. Mediation is an alternative  dispute resolution process in which the Mediator, a trained, neutral third party, is employed to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable solution that considers the priorities and concerns of the parties.

Mediation is often a more amicable, efficient, and less expensive way to resolve disputes. At Lindsey Amonette Nemer + Glassford, PLLC, we are pleased to assist clients in moving families forward by offering family law mediation services.

Kristen B. Amonette is a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed family law mediator. As a mediator, Kristen uses her courtroom and family law experience to help clients forge agreements that work for their families.

Grant C. Glassford has been listed as a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Law Mediator since 2012. He has mediated well over two hundred cases. Grant strives to help the meditation participants reach a satisfactory agreement that concludes the legal process and allows each to move forward.

Jacob R. Nemer has been listed as a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Law Mediator since 2015.

April W. Nemer has been listed as a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Law Mediator since 2015.

Joshua V. Lindsey will become listed as a Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 Family Law Mediator in the fall of 2022.

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“Mr. Lindsey was everything I could have asked for in a lawyer during a very difficult divorce. He was not only professional but was kind and showed so much care during my case. He returned calls and emails promptly and was always there to walk me through anything that I didn’t understand. I was so impressed and can not say enough good things about him and his services. I would HIGHLY recommend his services. THANK YOU JOSHUA LINDSEY!”

“Kristen was an excellent resource in a complicated divorce. After consultation and support from Kristen, a marriage of 20+ years with multiple properties and other assets were divided equally and equitably. I would recommend Kristen to anyone faced with a complicated divide.”

“I hired Grant to handle my divorce case. He provided excellent legal and practical advice that in regards to my rights as a parent and division of the assets. He handled all of my concerns and was very prompt if I had an issue calling me after hours and on the weekends. I have recommended Grant to all my friends for their law needs.”

“I highly recommend Jake Nemer as a lawyer. He guided me through the process of divorcing my husband in a professional, yet kind and considerate manner. Jake was exceptional at laying out the steps of the process in a clear and concise manner. Any time I had questions or needed reassurance, Jake responded quickly and clearly. Getting a divorce is not simply a legal matter, and Jake was able to acknowledge the emotional aspect while helping me move through the process. For example, there were many times throughout the divorce process that I simply had no idea how to respond to my ex-husband’s emails. Jake was invaluable at handling many of the issues or offering suggestions as to how I could respond. As with many divorce cases, there were many moving pieces and much negotiating throughout the process. Jake spent time explaining various options and outcomes, so that I could make informed decisions regarding finances and custody of my children. It was also important to Jake that he knew what was important to me, and he was ready to listen and figure out ways to create a Marriage Dissolution Agreement and Parenting Plan that reflected my ideas. Finally, Jake was ready to take aggressive action when necessary, and I know that this helped the case come to a satisfactory conclusion for me. Again, Jake Nemer is an excellent lawyer that I would highly recommend.”

“Joshua Lindsey is both a professional yet caring lawyer. He cared about me, my divorce, my son and worked hard to get the best for me and my child. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this lawyer. Joshua is the perfect lawyer if you are looking for someone that will not only fight for you and your rights, but actually cares about you while you are working with him.”

“Kristen helped me navigate a very difficult divorce and bring it to an incredibly speedy and successful resolution. She worked carefully with me to make sure I understood what I could expect, helped me determine what was most important to me, and deliver exactly what I was hoping for. She became more than my attorney through the process, as her caring and follow-through were excellent. I’m hoping not to need her services anymore, but if I do, I know she will be prepared to squelch any drama my ex might attempt.”

“After signing an agreement to end alimony to an ex spouse 16 years ago, she decided that was not legal and sued me for 16 years worth. I can tell you this..Grant Glassford is an awesome attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable of legal procedures,very astute in family law, and is very comfortable and confident in a court room setting. He will not waste your time or money in his representation of your case. I strongly recommend him if your in need of a family law attorney. He truly helped me win.”

“I hired Jake in a very difficult divorce case. I trusted Jake from the beginning and never realized how much work he is doing behind the scenes. He was always available, and had a very caring ear to my concerns. He likes to win! I highly recommend him to anyone that needs an aggressive attorney.”

“Joshua Lindsey handled my case with compassion and professionalism from day one. He is intelligent, but down to earth, and exudes a comforting confidence about the legal process. … He also had a terrific response rate when I needed to reach him, and asked repeatedly about me and my children; clearly, we were more than ‘just a case’ to him. Joshua is terrific, and I recommend him without reservation.”

“I recently went through a nasty divorce and Kristen helped me feel taken care of and “safe” from a legal standpoint. Friendly, sharp, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter, I would highly recommend her to anyone facing the same hard times. She is also bills extremely fair, which helped ease unnecessary stress during such a difficult time.”

“Grant Glassford patiently and expertly guided me through a very painful and complicated divorce that involved both property and children. It was a difficult time and Grant’s approach to family law is to calmly work with the other side to reach an agreement that does the least amount of damage possible. He’s a seasoned veteran in the legal domestic arena and takes the long view in these situations. If you’re looking for a junkyard dog who’s going to try and destroy the other side, rack up the biggest bill possible, and drag it out for years, Grant may not be your guy. But if you’re trying to reach the fairest and sanest possible resolution to one of life’s most difficult situations, then go talk to Grant. You won’t be sorry.

“Jake represented me in a lengthy divorce process in 2014/15. His wisdom, guidance and patience was wonderful. Not only did he often think of creative approaches to resolve the inevitable conflict that happens in an ongoing divorce, but he was very open to suggestions from me for resolutions. Jake was kind but firm when I needed a lawyer to help me as a client sift through the emotions of the divorce process. He also has a great sense of humor. I am grateful that he was my lawyer and appreciated him getting me through a very tough process. I think he is one of the best!”