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Lindsey Amonette Nemer + Glassford, PLLC provides unparalleled legal representation that includes unfettered access to legal counsel and step-by-step guidance through what we know are often the most stressful, difficult, and important matters you may endure in your lifetime. The protection and preservation of your assets and your relationship with your children are of paramount importance to Lindsey Amonette Nemer + Glassford, PLLC. We provide strategic, goal oriented representation that draws on decades of advocacy and experience, both inside and outside the courtroom.

Collaborative Family Law is an alternative dispute resolution process that utilizes financial, mental health, and child specialist neutrals as needed – in addition to your collaboratively trained legal counsel – to assist in the settlement discussion and negotiation process. Discussions and negotiations take place around a table in a room together, in stark contrast to litigation negotiations. Your concerns and priorities are valued and prioritized throughout the collaborative family law profess. In addition, confidentiality and public exposure are minimized in what is a private, client-centered approach to the resolution of your family law matter. Our attorneys are experienced in collaborative family law practice and involved in the formation and development of collaborative family law in Tennessee.

Collaborative Law




Alternative dispute resolution provides you more control of the outcome of your family law matter. Mediation is a type of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral mediator facilitates settlements. Lindsey Amonette Nemer + Glassford, PLLC has experienced Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 31 listed mediators who regularly work as neutrals to assist in the settlement of family law cases throughout Tennessee.

Lindsey Amonette Nemer + Glassford, PLLC assists you in securing your legacy and providing for your loved ones through the creation of Last Wills and Testaments, Durable Powers of Attorney, Durable Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills. In addition, our attorneys are experienced in the probate and administration of estates, as well as conservatorships and guardianships.

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“Grant has and continues to be an incredibly competent and detailed oriented attorney. He helped me navigate my divorce quickly in mediation instead of court and also gave advice that proved invaluable when returning to mediation 6 years later, saving me thousands of dollars. During both processes Grant always returned calls and emails quickly and was always up to speed on where things stand with the case. I can’t recommend him enough.”

“Mr. Lindsey was everything I could have asked for in a lawyer during a very difficult divorce. He was not only professional but was kind and showed so much care during my case. He returned calls and emails promptly and was always there to walk me through anything that I didn’t understand. I was so impressed and can not say enough good things about him and his services. I would HIGHLY recommend his services. THANK YOU JOSHUA LINDSEY!”

“Kristen provided months of sensitive and attentive support during a difficult divorce process. Her apparent and substantial understanding of legal matters is certainly why I choose her after considering several other attorneys. While she certainly delivered on that she always treated me respectfully, sensitively, honestly and warmly. Her approach helped me feel supported, understood, and encouraged. I am grateful to her and her team for the the tremendous and conscientious work during the divorce process.”

“I could not have asked for a better attorney than April. She made my custody case for my daughter seem effortless. She was strong in the courtroom and made me feel 100% confident that I would win my case. Even when an appeal was filed after I won, she didn’t back down and shut down any chance of another hearing. I’ve worked with several lawyers over the years and she is by far the most knowledgeable, the fiercest, and the nicest one I have ever had. She was always quick responding to my questions and explained everything that was happening step by step throughtout the process. She is wonderful and me and my family owe her our eternal gratitude for all of her hard work and devotion.”

“Jake Nemer recently represented me in a long, contentious divorce. I was represented by an extremely high profile divorce attorney for over a year when I hired Jake. The first time I spoke to him over the phone, I knew he was the right choice to take over my seemingly never ending case. His knowledge of the law and work ethic is impressive, as well as his attention to detail. He strikes the perfect balance in his approach. He will absolutely stand his ground for his clients when necessary. He will also be a practical voice of reason so as not to needlessly drag out a difficult process. Basically, everything one looks for in a great lawyer, Jake Nemer provides. The results Jake achieved with my case, speak for themselves. We were stalled in gridlock, all avenues to settle were exhausted. Jake stepped in and resolved my case, delivering results I couldn’t have been happier with. I’m grateful for his hard work on my difficult case and would hire him again tomorrow.”

“I sought Grant based on his participation with Collaborative Divorce. Unfortunately, my spouse did not want to go that direction and wanted to turn the process into a nasty divorce. Grant was outstanding in managing the whole process. He favors mediation but he is great in the courtroom, given his DA experience, is very skilled and comfortable there. He is not the cheapest per hour but is efficient in how is uses his time and I know I paid 1/3 of what my spouse spent in my case. A+ Recommend.”

“Joshua Lindsey handled my case with compassion and professionalism from day one. He is intelligent, but down to earth, and exudes a comforting confidence about the legal process. … He also had a terrific response rate when I needed to reach him, and asked repeatedly about me and my children; clearly, we were more than ‘just a case’ to him. Joshua is terrific, and I recommend him without reservation.”

“I recently went through a nasty divorce and Kristen helped me feel taken care of and “safe” from a legal standpoint. Friendly, sharp, efficient and incredibly knowledgeable about the subject matter, I would highly recommend her to anyone facing the same hard times. She is also bills extremely fair, which helped ease unnecessary stress during such a difficult time.”

“Jake represented me in a lengthy divorce process in 2014/15. His wisdom, guidance and patience was wonderful. Not only did he often think of creative approaches to resolve the inevitable conflict that happens in an ongoing divorce, but he was very open to suggestions from me for resolutions. Jake was kind but firm when I needed a lawyer to help me as a client sift through the emotions of the divorce process. He also has a great sense of humor. I am grateful that he was my lawyer and appreciated him getting me through a very tough process. I think he is one of the best!”

“Grant Glassford patiently and expertly guided me through a very painful and complicated divorce that involved both property and children. It was a difficult time and Grant’s approach to family law is to calmly work with the other side to reach an agreement that does the least amount of damage possible. He’s a seasoned veteran in the legal domestic arena and takes the long view in these situations. If you’re looking for a junkyard dog who’s going to try and destroy the other side, rack up the biggest bill possible, and drag it out for years, Grant may not be your guy. But if you’re trying to reach the fairest and sanest possible resolution to one of life’s most difficult situations, then go talk to Grant. You won’t be sorry. Endorsements: Compassionate, Good at explaining, Knowledgeable, Organized, Professional, Reliable, Responsive, Trustworthy”

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Joshua to anyone needing family legal counsel. From start to finish, Joshua was MY advocate. His ethics are impeccable, he has the highest standard of character, and he never lost the ‘human’ aspect of a very difficult situation. I appreciated his patience with me as well as his firm guidance despite my initial resistance. Most of all, I appreciate Joshua as a man of honor, and a caring one at that. He has served my family well, and he will do the same for yours.”

“Kristen helped me navigate a very difficult divorce and bring it to an incredibly speedy and successful resolution. She worked carefully with me to make sure I understood what I could expect, helped me determine what was most important to me, and deliver exactly what I was hoping for. She became more than my attorney through the process, as her caring and follow-through were excellent. I’m hoping not to need her services anymore, but if I do, I know she will be prepared to squelch any drama my ex might attempt.”

“During the most challenging time I’d been through, Jake stepped in and guided me with efficiency and a level of precision and attention to detail that lead to a result better than I even thought possible. It was important to me for my case to be presented accurately…without the typical legal exaggeration and underhanded twisting of facts commonly found in my type of case. Jake accomplished that, leading the case with dignity balanced beautifully with strength and determination. I would most definitely recommend him and his team to anyone in need of legal services.“

“Grant Glassford represented me in a complex and emotional case regarding custody and the safety of a minor child. We worked together for almost 2 years. Mr. Glassford is smart, creative, knowledgeable in the law, very supportive, and highly ethical. He meticulously plans but also adeptly pivots on the fly when needed, and has an excellent memory for past conversations, legal arguments and exhibits. Communications are efficient, directed and focused on the crucial facts, but he deftly balances that with empathy, compassion and sage advice. Frankly, he’s an amazing attorney. I give him my absolute highest recommendation.”

“Joshua Lindsey is both a professional yet caring lawyer. He cared about me, my divorce, my son and worked hard to get the best for me and my child. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this lawyer. Joshua is the perfect lawyer if you are looking for someone that will not only fight for you and your rights, but actually cares about you while you are working with him.”

“Kristen was an excellent resource in a complicated divorce. After consultation and support from Kristen, a marriage of 20+ years with multiple properties and other assets were divided equally and equitably. I would recommend Kristen to anyone faced with a complicated divide.”

“I highly recommend Jake Nemer as a lawyer. He guided me through the process of divorcing my husband in a professional, yet kind and considerate manner. Jake was exceptional at laying out the steps of the process in a clear and concise manner. Any time I had questions or needed reassurance, Jake responded quickly and clearly. Getting a divorce is not simply a legal matter, and Jake was able to acknowledge the emotional aspect while helping me move through the process. For example, there were many times throughout the divorce process that I simply had no idea how to respond to my ex-husband’s emails. Jake was invaluable at handling many of the issues or offering suggestions as to how I could respond. As with many divorce cases, there were many moving pieces and much negotiating throughout the process. Jake spent time explaining various options and outcomes, so that I could make informed decisions regarding finances and custody of my children. It was also important to Jake that he knew what was important to me, and he was ready to listen and figure out ways to create a Marriage Dissolution Agreement and Parenting Plan that reflected my ideas. Finally, Jake was ready to take aggressive action when necessary, and I know that this helped the case come to a satisfactory conclusion for me. Again, Jake Nemer is an excellent lawyer that I would highly recommend.”

“Joshua was the best lawyer I could have possible asked for during such a difficult divorce. Joshua explained my options very thoroughly and ran a smooth collaborative process. Joshua always kept me in the loop and would respond to all my questions promptly. He truly was concerned about my children and creating a parenting plan that would fit all our needs. He was truly a leader during our collaborative meetings and got me everything I asked for. I can not recommend Joshua enough.”

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